Neuroscience Bulletin, the most influential neuroscience journal in China, features high-quality publishing that reaches hundreds of thousands of people all over the country and around the world.

Advertisements in Neuroscience Bulletin are available in print and online forms including:
• Regular delivery of printed copies of journal issues to subscribers
• Embedded hyperlinks to the advertisers' web pages            
• Website banner ads
• Monthly email alerts with E-table of contents
• WeChat

Rates and specifications

Print Advertising

Neuroscience Bulletin engages in the domestic periodical advertisement business, with the approval of the Shanghai Administration for Industry & Commerce. The rates are as follows:

Advertising Position Unit price per issue (CNY) Unit price per issue (USD)
Back cover (cover 4) 3000 800
Inside front cover (cover 2) 2800 700
Inside back cover (cover 3) 2500 600
Inner leaf 2000 500

Each issue is published on the first day of every other month (i.e., Feb 1, Apr 1, …) and prints are delivered to over 10,000 subscribers by post.

File Format ― PSD, EPS, JPEG
Size ― 210×275 mm
Resolution ― At least 300 dpi
Delivery Method ― Send files via email to

Online Advertising

E-table of contents (eTOCs) for Neuroscience Bulletin

With over 10,000 email subscribers, an eTOC banner ad is a low-cost means of targeting your audience. More than 80% of readers are motivated by email delivery to access the journal’s website.
1069 × 100 top ― CNY 1500 or USD 400 per issue (bimonthly)
1069 × 100 bottom ― CNY 1000 or USD 250 per issue (bimonthly)
Top and bottom bundle ― CNY 2250 or USD 580 per issue (10% discount)

Website Ads

Shown on the home page of the Neuroscience Bulletin website. Extensive Exposure!
728 × 90 leaderboard ― CNY 2000 or USD 500 per month
160 × 600 skyscraper ― CNY 2000 or USD 500 per month
250 × 60 side Box ― CNY 1000 or USD 250 per month
Leaderboard and skyscraper bundle ― CNY 3600 or USD 900 per month (10% discount)
File Format ― Interlaced nontransparent GIF or SWF
File size ― Not exceeding 50 Kb
Delivery Method ― Send files via email to, including the URL/web address to which your ads will be linked.


Neuroscience Bulletin also supports propagation via WeChat, a popular social media tool that reaches over a billion active users in China and worldwide. Each month, the Neuroscience Bulletin Editorial Office sends out 1-4 news releases, each of which is browsed over 1000 times.
900 × 500 middle ― CNY 1000 or USD 250 per issue
900 × 500 bottom ― CNY 800 or USD 200 per issue
Middle and bottom bundle ― CNY 1620 or USD 400 per issue (10% discount)
File Format ― Interlaced nontransparent GIF or JPEG
File size ― Not exceeding 500 Kb
Delivery Method ― Send files via email to

Please contact our Editorial Office at or +86-021-54922863 for details.

Administration: Chinese Academy of Sciences Sponsors: Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Society for Neuroscience Editor-in-Chief: Shumin Duan Co-Editor-in-Chief: Ru-Rong Ji Publication Number: ISSN 1673-7067, CN 31-1975/R Publication Frequency: Monthly Address of Editorial Office: 319 YueYang Road, Building 31B, Room 405, Shanghai 200031, China. Phone: +86-21-54922863 Fax: +86-21-54922833 E-mail: Website:



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