Volume 38, Issue 5, 2022



The contribution of distinct neuronal subpopulations within deep cerebellar nuclei (DCN) to associative sensorimotor learning has not yet been fully clarified. Jie Zhang et al. examined the function and firing kinetics of a subpopulation of DCN neurons (DCNVm neurons) whose axons specifically project to the ventromedial thalamus (Vm). The theme of this cover image is used to express how the DCNVm neurons participate in associative sensorimotor learning. The brown hill symbolizes the cerebellum, and the little stones symbolize the DCNVm neurons that send out vine-like axons. A branch of the tree symbolizes the Vm whose leaves are reflected in a brain-like cloud, symbolizing its effect on the prefrontal area. When the star flashes, a smart mouse closes its upper eyelid just before the arrival of wind, symbolizing successful learning of sensorimotor responses. See pages 459−473. (Cover designed by Bo Hu, Zhong-Xiang Yao, Jie Zhang, Hao Chen, and made by Miss Yan Luo)