Volume 38, Issue 8, 2022


Kinesin superfamily motor protein 17 (KIF17) transports N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor subtype 2B (NR2B) from the neuronal cytoplasm to the dendrites under physiological conditions to maintain the balance between neuronal excitation and inhibition. In this issue, Liu et al. report that in epilepsy, excess KIF17 drives the abnormal enhancement of this process. The cover image is derived from the Chinese mythology “The Mythical Bird Jingwei Trying to Fill up the Sea with Pebbles” (精卫填海), which is usually used to describe people who are firm and indomitable and will not stop until they reach their goal. KIF17 is like the Jingwei bird. Excess KIF17 activity results in excessive transport of the NR2B subunit in the neuronal cytoplasm to the postsynaptic membrane, leading to altered susceptibility to epilepsy. See pages 841–856 (Cover provided by Drs Yan Liu and Xin Tian).