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Biomarker Discovery in Parkinson’s Disease: Present Challenges and Future Opportunities
Song Li, Weidong Le
2017, 33(5): 481-482
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Original Articles

Age-Dependent Alpha-Synuclein Accumulation and Phosphorylation in the Enteric Nervous System in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Parkinson’s Disease
Chong-Bin Zhong, Qian-Qian Chen, Caroline Haikal, Wen Li, Alexander Svanbergsson, Meike Diepenbroek, Jia-Yi Li
2017, 33(5): 483-492
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Peripheral Lymphocyte Subsets as a Marker of Parkinson’s Disease in a Chinese Population
Luan Cen, Chaohao Yang, Shuxuan Huang, Miaomiao Zhou, Xiaolu Tang, Kaiping Li, Wenyuan Guo, Zhuohua Wu, Mingshu Mo, Yousheng Xiao, Xiang Chen, Xinling Yang, Qinhui Huang, Chaojun Chen, Shaogang Qu, Pingyi Xu
2017, 33(5): 493-500
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Longitudinal Alterations of Local Spontaneous Brain Activity in Parkinson’s Disease
Qiaoling Zeng, Xiaojun Guan, Jason C. F. Law Yan Lun, Zhujing Shen, Tao Guo, Min Xuan, Quanquan Gu, Xiaojun Xu, Min Chen, Minming Zhang
2017, 33(5): 501-509
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Genetic Analysis of FBXO2, FBXO6, FBXO12, and FBXO41 Variants in Han Chinese Patients with Sporadic Parkinson’s Disease
Lamei Yuan, Zhi Song, Xiong Deng, Zhijian Yang, Yan Yang, Yi Guo, Hongwei Lu, Hao Deng
2017, 33(5): 510-514
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Olfactory Dysfunction as an Early Biomarker in Parkinson’s Disease
Michelle E. Fullard, James F. Morley, John E. Duda
2017, 33(5): 515-525
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Premotor Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease
Heinz Reichmann
2017, 33(5): 526-534
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Can Biomarkers Help the Early Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease?
Weidong Le, Jie Dong, Song Li, Amos D Korczyn
2017, 33(5): 535-542
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Tiny But Mighty: Promising Roles of MicroRNAs in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
Ying Wang, Zhaofei Yang, Weidong Le
2017, 33(5): 543-551
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Transcription Factors: Potential Cell Death Markers in Parkinson’s Disease
Ronglin Wang, Shaosong Yang, Tiejian Nie, Gang Zhu, Dayun Feng, Qian Yang
2017, 33(5): 552-560
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Region-Specific Iron Measured by MRI as a Biomarker for Parkinson’s Disease
Xiaojun Guan, Xiaojun Xu, Minming Zhang
2017, 33(5): 561-567
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Cerebral Dopamine Neurotrophic Factor: A Potential Therapeutic Agent for Parkinson’s Disease
Tingting Tang, Yong Li, Qian Jiao, Xixun Du, Hong Jiang
2017, 33(5): 568-575
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Clinical Significance of REM Sleep Behavior Disorders and Other Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinsonism
Hong Jin, Jin-Ru Zhang, Yun Shen, Chun-Feng Liu
2017, 33(5): 576-584
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Biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease: Recent Advancement
Sharvari Lotankar, Kedar S Prabhavalka, Lokesh K Bhatt
2017, 33(5): 585-597
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Research Highlights

Milestones of Parkinson’s Disease Research: 200 Years of History and Beyond
Song Li, Weidong Le
2017, 33(5): 598-602
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Volume 33, No. 5, October2017
About the cover
Researchers continue to explore biomarkers that are potential signs of Parkinson's disease, and a wide range of studies underlying the association between biomarkers and Parkinson's disease have been undertaken. The discovery of such biomarkers may be used to screen for preclinical or prodromal Parkinson's disease and allow early diagnosis and effective targeted treatment. The cover image suggests the benefits of biomarker discovery in Parkinson's disease. (Cover art by Dr. Hao Deng)
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