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Recent Progress in Understanding the Mechanisms of Pain and Itch: the Second Special Issue
Ru-Rong Ji
2018, 34(1): 1-3
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Original Articles

Expression and Role of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels in Human Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons with Special Focus on Nav1.7, Species Differences, and Regulation by Paclitaxel
Wonseok Chang• Temugin Berta• Yong Ho Kim• Sanghoon Lee• Seok-Yong Lee• Ru-Rong Ji
2018, 34(1): 4-12
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Spinal CCL2 Promotes Central Sensitization, Long-Term Potentiation, and Inflammatory Pain via CCR2: Further Insights into Molecular, Synaptic, and Cellular Mechanisms
Rou-Gang Xie• Yong-Jing Gao• Chul-Kyu Park• Ning Lu• Ceng Luo• Wen-Ting Wang• Sheng-Xi Wu• Ru-Rong Ji
2018, 34(1): 13-21
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Differential Inhibition of Nav1.7 and Neuropathic Pain by Hybridoma-Produced and Recombinant Monoclonal Antibodies that Target Nav1.7
Sangsu Bang• Jiho Yoo• Xingrui Gong• Di Liu• Qingjian Han• Xin Luo• Wonseok Chang• Gang Chen• Sang-Taek Im• Yong Ho Kim• Judith A. Strong• Ma-Zhong Zhang• Jun-Ming Zhang• Seok-Yong Lee• Ru-Rong Ji
2018, 34(1): 22-41
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TNF-α/TNFR1 Signaling is Required for the Full Expression of Acute and Chronic Itch in Mice via Peripheral and Central Mechanisms
Xiuhua Miao• Ya Huang• Teng-Teng Liu• Ran Guo• Bing Wang• Xue-Long Wang• Li-Hua Chen• Yan Zhou• Ru-Rong Ji• Tong Liu
2018, 34(1): 42-53
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Chemokine Receptor CXCR3 in the Spinal Cord Contributes to Chronic Itch in Mice
Peng-Bo Jing• De-Li Cao• Si-Si Li• Meixuan Zhu• Xue-Qiang Bai• Xiao-Bo Wu• Yong-Jing Gao
2018, 34(1): 54-63
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Involvement of NF-κB and the CX3CR1 Signaling Network in Mechanical Allodynia Induced by Tetanic Sciatic Stimulation
Zhe-Chen Wang• Li-Hong Li• Chao Bian• Liu Yang• Ning Lv• Yu-Qiu Zhang
2018, 34(1): 64-73
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Proteomic Analysis of the Hippocampus in Mouse Models of Trigeminal Neuralgia and Inescapable Shock-Induced Depression
Qing-Huan Guo• Qing-He Tong• Ning Lu• Hong Cao• Liu Yang• Yu-Qiu Zhang
2018, 34(1): 74-84
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Inflammatory Changes in Paravertebral Sympathetic Ganglia in Two Rat Pain Models
Ai-Ling Li• Jing-Dong Zhang• Wenrui Xie• Judith A. Strong• Jun-Ming Zhang
2018, 34(1): 85-97
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Sex-Dependent Glial Signaling in Pathological Pain: Distinct Roles of Spinal Microglia and Astrocytes
Gang Chen• Xin Luo• M. Yawar Qadri• Temugin Berta• Ru-Rong Ji
2018, 34(1): 98-108
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Infection, Pain, and Itch
Isaac M. Chiu
2018, 34(1): 109-119
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Regulation of Pain and Itch by TRP Channels
Carlene Moore• Rupali Gupta• Sven-Eric Jordt• Yong Chen• Wolfgang B. Liedtke
2018, 34(1): 120-142
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Combining Human and Rodent Genetics to Identify New Analgesics
Alban Latremoliere• Michael Costigan
2018, 34(1): 143-155
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Spinal Mechanisms of Itch Transmission
Devin M. Barry• Admire Munanairi• Zhou-Feng Chen
2018, 34(1): 156-164
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Cortical Representation of Pain and Touch: Evidence from Combined Functional Neuroimaging and Electrophysiology in Non-human Primates
Li Min Chen
2018, 34(1): 165-177
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Modulation of Pain and Itch by Spinal Glia
Makoto Tsuda
2018, 34(1): 178-185
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Spinal Circuits Transmitting Mechanical Pain and Itch
Bo Duan• Longzhen Cheng• Qiufu Ma
2018, 34(1): 186-193
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Investigation of Pain Mechanisms by Calcium Imaging Approaches
Michael Anderson• Qin Zheng• Xinzhong Dong
2018, 34(1): 194-199
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Somatosensory Neuron Typing with High-Coverage Single-Cell RNA Sequencing and Functional Analysis
Changlin Li• Sashuang Wang• Yan Chen• Xu Zhang
2018, 34(1): 200-207
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Modeling Pain Using fMRI: From Regions to Biomarkers
Marianne C. Reddan• Tor D. Wager
2018, 34(1): 208-215
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Empathy for Distress in Humans and Rodents
Jun Chen
2018, 34(1): 216-236
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Volume 34, No. 1, February2018
About the cover
As we celebrate the Spring Festival 2018, the traditional Chinese New Year, it is our pleasure to release the Special Issue on Pain and Itch. The cover image illustrates the Chinese traditional myth “Hou Yi Shooting the Sun” (Hou Yi She Ri). Hou Yi is a hero who shoots down nine suns to save the people from scorching heat, symbolizing the efforts of scientists to investigate pain and itch under both physiological and pathological conditions, with the aim of discovering effective and safe treatments for pain and itch. (Cover art by Dr. Zhirui Liu)
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