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Atlas of the Striatum and Globus Pallidus in the Tree Shrew: Comparison with Rat and Mouse
Rong-Jun Ni• Zhao-Huan Huang• Yu-Mian Shu• Yu Wang• Tao Li• Jiang-Ning Zhou
2018, 34(3): 405-418
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Inhibition of KLF7-Targeting MicroRNA 146b Promotes Sciatic Nerve Regeneration
Wen-Yuan Li• Wei-Ting Zhang• Yong-Xia Cheng• Yan-Cui Liu• Feng-Guo Zhai• Ping Sun• Hui-Ting Li• Ling-Xiao Deng• Xiao-Feng Zhu• Ying Wang
2018, 34(3): 419-437
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Super-Resolution Track-Density Imaging Reveals Fine Anatomical Features in Tree Shrew Primary Visual Cortex and Hippocampus
Jian-Kun Dai• Shu-Xia Wang• Dai Shan• Hai-Chen Niu• Hao Lei
2018, 34(3): 438-448
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Intervention Effect of Repetitive TMS on Behavioral Adjustment After Error Commission in Long-Term Methamphetamine Addicts: Evidence From a Two-Choice Oddball Task
Qiongdan Liang• Jia Lin• Jiemin Yang• Xiang Li• Yijiang Chen• Xianxin Meng• Jiajin Yuan
2018, 34(3): 449-456
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Effects of Ketamine on Basal Gamma Band Oscillation and Sensory Gating in Prefrontal Cortex of Awake Rats
Renli Qi• Jinghui Li• Xujun Wu• Xin Geng• Nanhui Chen• Hualin Yu
2018, 34(3): 457-464
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Dendritic Cell Factor 1-Knockout Results in Visual Deficit Through the GABA System in Mouse Primary Visual Cortex
Jieyun Shi• Qian Li• Tieqiao Wen
2018, 34(3): 465-475
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Electroacupuncture Alleviates Motor Symptoms and Up-Regulates Vesicular Glutamatergic Transporter 1 Expression in the Subthalamic Nucleus in a Unilateral 6-Hydroxydopamine-Lesioned Hemi-Parkinsonian Rat Model
Yanyan Wang• Yong Wang• Junhua Liu• Xiaomin Wang
2018, 34(3): 476-484
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Whole-Brain Mapping of Direct Inputs to and Axonal Projections from GABAergic Neurons in the Parafacial Zone
Yun-Ting Su• Meng-Yang Gu• Xi Chu• Xiang Feng• Yan-Qin Yu
2018, 34(3): 485-496
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Dopamine D4 Receptor Gene Associated with the Frontal-Striatal-Cerebellar Loop in Children with ADHD: A Resting-State fMRI Study
Andan Qian• Xin Wang• Huiru Liu• Jiejie Tao• Jiejie Zhou• Qiong Ye• Jiance Li• Chuang Yang• Jingliang Cheng• Ke Zhao• Meihao Wang
2018, 34(3): 497-506
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ZNF804A Variation May Affect Hippocampal-Prefrontal Resting-State Functional Connectivity in Schizophrenic and Healthy Individuals
Yuyanan Zhang• Hao Yan• Jinmin Liao• Hao Yu• Sisi Jiang• Qi Liu• Dai Zhang• Weihua Yue
2018, 34(3): 507-516
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Vernier But Not Grating Acuity Contributes to an Early Stage of Visual Word Processing
Yufei Tan• Xiuhong Tong• Wei Chen• Xuchu Weng• Sheng He• Jing Zhao
2018, 34(3): 517-526
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AATYK is a Novel Regulator of Oligodendrocyte Differentiation and Myelination
Chunxia Jiang• Wanqing Yang• Zhihong Fan• Peng Teng• Ruyi Mei• Junlin Yang• Aifen Yang• Mengsheng Qiu• Xiaofeng Zhao
2018, 34(3): 527-533
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Letter to the Editor

Biophotonic Activity and Transmission Mediated by Mutual Actions of Neurotransmitters are Involved in the Origin and Altered States of Consciousness
Weitai Chai• Zhengrong Han• Zhuo Wang• Zehua Li• Fangyan Xiao• Yan Sun• Yanfeng Dai• Rendong Tang• Jiapei Dai
2018, 34(3): 534-538
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Up-Regulation of Akt and Nav1.8 in BmK I-Induced Pain
Guokun Zhou• Yunlu Jiao• You Zhou• Shichao Qin• Jie Tao• Feng Jiang• Zhi-Yong Tan• Yong-Hua Ji
2018, 34(3): 539-542
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Cystatin C Induces Insulin Resistance in Hippocampal Neurons and Promotes Cognitive Dysfunction in Rodents
Lan Luo• Jinyu Ma• Yue Li• Zongkang Hu• Chengfeng Jiang• Hao Cai• Cheng Sun
2018, 34(3): 543-545
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A Rarely Encountered Case: A Patient with Primary Pituitary Tuberculosis and Stroke
Min Chen• Chengru Song• Hongbo Liu
2018, 34(3): 546-548
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Mutations of N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Subunits in Epilepsy
Xing-Xing Xu• Jian-Hong Luo
2018, 34(3): 549-565
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The Mechanism of Cortico-Striato-Thalamo-Cortical Neurocircuitry in Response Inhibition and Emotional Responding in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with Comorbid Disruptive Behavior Disorder
Yuncheng Zhu• Xixi Jiang• Weidong Ji
2018, 34(3): 566-572
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Opposite Interplay Between the Canonical WNT/β-Catenin Pathway and PPAR Gamma: A Potential Therapeutic Target in Gliomas
Alexandre Vallée• Yves Lecarpentier• Rémy Guillevin• Jean-Noël Vallée
2018, 34(3): 573-588
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Volume 34, No. 3, June2018
About the cover
Super-resolution track-density imaging (TDI) is an image reconstruction method for diffusion MRI data, which is capable of providing spatial resolution beyond the acquired data, as well as novel and useful anatomical contrast that cannot be obtained with conventional reconstruction methods. In this issue, Dai et al. used short-track TDI, a variation of TDI with enhanced contrast for grey matter structures, to reconstruct a super-resolution direction-encoded color map of fixed tree-shrew brain, a selected coronal slice of which is shown in the cover image. See pages 438–448. (Cover image provided by Dr. Jian-Kun Dai).
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