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(Vol.31 i.1,Special Issue on Complex Mental Disorders)

Genetics and epigenetics of circadian rhythms and their potential roles in neuropsychiatric disorders
Chunyu Liu, Michael Chung
Can multi-modal neuroimaging evidence from hippocampus provide biomarkers for the progression of amnestic mild cognitive impairment?
Jiu Chen, Zhijun Zhang, Shijiang Li
Path from schizophrenia genomics to biology: gene regulation and perturbation in neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells and genome editing
Jubao Duan
Genetic studies of schizophrenia: an update
Jingchun Chen, Fei Cao, Lanfen Liu, Lina Wang, Xiangning Chen
Rapid-onset antidepressant efficacy of glutamatergic system modulators: The neural plasticity hypothesis of depression
Jing Wang, Liang Jing, Juan-Carlos Toledo-Salas, Lin Xu
New hypothesis and treatment targets of depression: an integrated view of key findings
Shangli Cai, Shucai Huang, Wei Hao
The schizophrenia/bipolar disorder candidate gene GNB1L is regulated in human temporal cortex by a cis-acting element located within the 3’-region
Yue Sun, Yu Tao, Jian Wang, David Saffen

(Vol.30 i.4,Special Issue on Neurodevelopment and Degeneration)

Non-apoptotic role of caspase-3 in synapse refinement
Jin-Yuan Wang, Zhen-Ge Luo
Clustering of surface NMDA receptors is mainly mediated by the C-terminus of GluN2A in cultured rat hippocampal neurons
Ying-Gang Yan, Jie Zhang, Shu-Jun Xu, Jian-Hong Luo, Shuang Qiu, Wei Wang#
Innate immune responses regulate morphogenesis and degeneration: roles of Toll-like receptors and Sarm1 in neurons
Hsin-Yu Liu, Chiung-Ya Chen, Yi-Ping Hsueh
Mechanisms of neuronal membrane sealing following mechanical trauma
Benjamin K. Hendricks, Riyi Shi
RNA binding proteins: a common denominator of neuronal function and dysfunction
Epaminondas Doxakis
MeCP2: multifaceted roles in gene regulation and neural development
Tian-Lin Cheng, Zilong Qiu
Nematodes feel a craving - Using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model to study alcohol addiction
Geng Zhu, Fen Zhang, Wei Li
Glial cells in neuronal development: recent advances and insights from Drosophila melanogaster
Jiayao Ou, Yijing He, Xi Xiao, Tian-Ming Yu, Changyan Chen, Zongbao Gao, Margaret S. Ho
Microtubule dynamics in axon guidance
Guofa Liu, Trisha Dwyer
Regulatory mechanisms underlying the differential growth of dendrites and axons
Xin Wang*, Gabriella R. Sterne*, Bing Ye
Activity-dependent signaling mechanisms regulating adult hippocampal neural stem cells and their progeny
Andrew J. Crowther, Juan Song
Compromised small-world efficiency of structural brain networks in schizophrenic patients and their unaffected parents
Hao Yan, Lin Tian, Qifeng Wang, Qiang Zhao, Weihua Yue, Jun Yan, Bing Liu, Dai Zhang

Vol.30 i.2, Special Issue on Alzheimer's Disease: from Molecule to Clinic

Vol.29 i.4, Special Issue on Spinal Cord Injury and Repair

Vol.29 i.2, Special Issue on Myelin Development and Demyelinating Diseases

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