Neuroscience Bulletin Latest Impact Factor Reached 5.203! 

On June 30, Clarivate Analysis released the 2020 Journal Citation Reports (JCR). According to the JCR 2020, the impact factor (IF) for Neuroscience Bulletin (NB), sponsored by Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology (Institute of Neuroscience), CAS and Chinese Neuroscience Society, reached 5.203, which increases 20.3% compares with its 2019 IF. The journal ranks at 74/273 (Q2) in the Category of NEUROSCIENCES. Congratulations! 

This is a big step forward in terms of journal development – the journal has been staying with the momentum while keeping the publication number increasing steadily.

NB aims to publish research advances in the field of neuroscience and promote the exchange of scientific ideas within the community. The journal publishes original papers on topics in neuroscience and focuses on the implications for diseases of the nervous system. NB welcomes research contributions on molecular, cellular, or developmental neuroscience using multidisciplinary approaches and functional strategies. 

The Editorial Board of NB was organized by the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Shumin Duan, the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the president of Department of Medicine, Zhejiang University and Prof. Ru-Rong Ji, from Duke University, USA as the Co-Editor-in-Chief. Prof. Jiulin Du and Prof. Zuoren Wang from Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology (Institute of Neuroscience), CAS work are the Deputy Editors. Prof. Guangying Xu from Soochow University is one of Executive Associate Editors. The Editorial Board has 130 members, 23 Associate Editors, of whom more than half are distinguished neuroscientists from abroad, ensuring that the journal maintains high scientific standards and has a broad international coverage. Besides, a native English-speaking neuroscientist, Prof. Iain C. Bruce, serves as the other full-time Executive Associate Editor.

We'd like to thank all editoral members, youth editorial members, authors, reviewers, readers and editors. It's ALL your support to make this happen!

May next year we achieve New Success after our even harder work!