Volume 34, Issue. 1, February 2018
ISSN: 1673-7067
EISSN: 1995-8218
2016 impact factor 2.624*
* 2016 Journal Citation Reports
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New! CALL FOR PAPERS:Forthcoming Special Issue on Regulation of Autonomic Nervous System(2017-12-12
Neuroscience Bulletin Commits to ORCID Mandate(2017-08-02
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Shumin Duan

Ru-Rong Ji

Consulting Editors
Yizhang Chen
Mu-Ming Poo
Larry R. Squire,
Charles F. Stevens
Xiong-Li Yang

Executive Associate Editor
Iain Bruce
Guang-Yin Xu

Associate Editors
Zhong Chen
Tian-Ming Gao
Shi-Hui Han
Cheng He
Margaret Ho
Tian-Zai Jiang
Wei-Dong Le
Tao Li
Meng-Sheng Qiu

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Advanced Online Publication
Effects of Ketamine on Basal Gamma Band Oscillation and Sensory Gating in Prefrontal Cortex of Awake Rats
Renli Qi• Jinghui Li• Xujun Wu• Xin Geng• Nanhui Chen• Hualin Yu
Iron, Dopamine, and α-Synuclein Interactions in at-Risk Dopaminergic Neurons in Parkinson’s Disease
Ning Song• Junxia Xie
Inhibition of KLF7-Targeting MicroRNA 146b Promotes Sciatic Nerve Regeneration
Wen-Yuan Li• Wei-Ting Zhang• Yong-Xia Cheng• Yan-Cui Liu• Feng-Guo Zhai• Ping Sun• Hui-Ting Li• Ling-Xiao Deng• Xiao-Feng Zhu• Ying Wang
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(Vol.33 i.5, Special Issue on Biomarker Discovery in Parkinson’s Disease)
Milestones of Parkinson’s Disease Research: 200 Years of History and Beyond
Song Li, Weidong Le
Biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease: Recent Advancement
Sharvari Lotankar, Kedar S Prabhavalka, Lokesh K Bhatt
Clinical Significance of REM Sleep Behavior Disorders and Other Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinsonism
Hong Jin, Jin-Ru Zhang, Yun Shen, Chun-Feng Liu
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In October, 2011, the editorial board was reorganized by Editor-in-Chief Professor Shumin Duan. The new editorial board consists of 97 members, among whom about half are distinguished neuroscientists from abroad, including six members of the American National Academy of Sciences and six Editors-in-Chief of leading neuroscience journals, ensuring that the journal maintains high scientific standards and has a broad international coverage. Besides, a native English-speaking neuroscientist, Prof. Iain C. Bruce, has been invited to serve as a full-time Executive Associate Editor.

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