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Current Issue Table of Contents: 15 Volume 38, Issue. 6, June 2022

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About the Cover

Animals, including fruit flies, often require repeated training to form long-term memories (LTMs). Recently, researchers have found that two new types of LTM are formed in fruit flies after a single aversive olfactory training trial. Zhao et al. systematically investigated the relationship between these LTMs and proposed that animals can organize different LTMs to avoid occasional and repeated dangers in the natural environment. In the cover image, the cartoon fruit fly in the upper right corner has to face occasional and repeated dangers. These different types of LTM compete and cooperate to help the fly guide its behavior to better adapt to the environment. See pages 657–660. (Cover designed by Dr. Bohan Zhao and Hefei Chuangtao Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd).

Shumin Duan

Ru-Rong Ji

Editorial Board


Astrocytic Gap Junctions Contribute to Aberrant Neuronal Synchronization in a Mouse Model of MeCP2 Duplication Syndrome
Shengnan Xia1,2 • Hua-Tai Xu1,3 [SpringerLink]

Factors Influencing Alzheimer’s Disease Risk: Whether and How They are Related to the APOE Genotype
Rong Zhang1 • Xiaojiao Xu1 • Hang Yu1 • Xiaolan Xu1 • Manli Wang1 • Weidong Le1 [SpringerLink]

Formation of the Looming-evoked Innate Defensive Response during Postnatal Development in Mice
Shanping Chen1,3 • Huiying Tan1,3 • Zhijie Wang1 • Yu-ting Tseng1 • Xiaotao Li1,2 • Liping Wang1 [SpringerLink]

The Spinal-Parabrachial-Mesencephalic Circuit: A Possible Explanation of How Pain Leads to Emotional Disorders
Hongze Yan1 • Guokang Mo1 • Ngoc T. Ha2 • Juan Deng3 [SpringerLink]

Multimodal Brain Imaging Fusion for the White-Matter Fiber Architecture in the Human Brain
Ming Song1,2,3 • Zhengyi Yang1,2,3 • Tianzi Jiang1,2,3,4,5,6 [SpringerLink]

Optimal Timing of a Commonly-Used Rabies Virus for Neural Recording and Manipulation
Jing Chen1 • Chunli Li2 • Zhonghua Lu4 • Cheng Zhan2,3,5 [SpringerLink]

The SACT Template: A Human Brain Diffusion Tensor Template for School-age Children
Congying Chu1,7 • Haoran Guan1 • Sangma Xie8 • Yanpei Wang1 • Jie Luo1 • Gai Zhao1 • Zhiying Pan1 • Mingming Hu1 • Weiwei Men3,4 • Shuping Tan6 • Jia-Hong Gao3,4,5 • Shaozheng Qin1,2 • Yong He1,2 • Lingzhong Fan9 • Qi Dong1 • Sha Tao1 [SpringerLink]

A Deep Mesencephalic Nucleus Circuit Regulates Licking Behavior
Di Zheng1,2 • Jia-Yu Fu1,2 • Meng-Yu Tang1,2 • Xiao-Dan Yu1,2 • Yi Zhu1,2 • Chen-Jie Shen2 • Chun-Yue Li1,2 • Shi-Ze Xie1,2 • Shan Lin1,2 • Minmin Luo3,4,5 • Xiao-Ming Li1,2,6 [SpringerLink]


White Matter “Matters” in Alzheimer’s Disease
Man-Yu Xu1,2 • Zhi-Qiang Xu1,2 • Yan-Jiang Wang1,2,3 [SpringerLink]

Loss of C9orf72 in Microglia Drives Neuronal Injury by Enhancing Synaptic Pruning in Aged and Alzheimer’s Disease Mice
Mengmeng Wang1,2 • Yuanyuan Jiang1,2 • Zhihui Huang1,2 [SpringerLink]

Do Systemic Infections Contribute to the Pathogenesis of Dementia?
Keenan Sterling1 • Mengen Xing2 • Weihong Song2,3 [SpringerLink]

Hemispheric Specialization of the Primate Inferior Parietal Lobule
Sam Vickery1,2 • Simon B Eickhoff1,2 • Patrick Friedrich1 [SpringerLink]

A Specific Peptide Vaccine Against IDH1(R132H) Glioma
Yuqian Huang1,2 • Yongjie Wang1,2 • Zhihui Huang1,2 [SpringerLink]

Pathway Matters: Prefrontal Control of Negative Emotions via Distinct Downstream Regions
Junqiang Zheng1,2 • Na Liu1,2 • Han Xu1,2 [SpringerLink]

A Breakthrough in Understanding the Rapid Antidepressant Effect of Ketamine Based on Structural AnalysisRui Duan1
Hongmei Liu1 • Xiaohui Wu1 • Jun Chen1,3 • Yiru Fang1,2,3 [SpringerLink]

Microglial SIRPα Deletion Facilitates Synapse Loss in Preclinical Models of Neurodegeneration
Chongyun Wu1 • Luodan Yang2 • Hannah Youngblood3 • Timon Cheng-Yi Liu1 • Rui Duan1 [SpringerLink]

Astrocyte-derived ATP: A New Etiological Factor for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Jie Li1 • Patrizia Rubini1,2 • Yong Tang1,2 • Peter Illes1,2,3 [SpringerLink]

Rejuvenating the Immune System: Insights for Anti-Neurodegeneration Strategies
Jie Liu1,2 • Yan-Jiang Wang1,2,3 [SpringerLink]

Distinct Recovery Process of Consciousness and Cognition After Anesthesia
Jiani Chen1 • Liang Shan1 • Ji Dai1,2,3 [SpringerLink]

PQBP1: A New Player in Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Signaling and Synaptic Plasticity
Li-Da Su1 • Ying Shen2 [SpringerLink]


Molecular Sensors of Temperature, Pressure, and Pain with Special Focus on TRPV1, TRPM8, and PIEZO2 Ion Channels
Ru-Rong Ji1,2 • Seok-Yong Lee3 [SpringerLink]

Residual Recurrence Risk of Ischemic Cerebrovascular Events: Elements and Implications
Jiejie Li • Zixiao Li • Tian-jie Lyu • Si Cheng • Yuehua Pu • Yongjun Wang [SpringerLink]

Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided and Navigated Individualized Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Cognitive Impairment in Schizophrenia
Xu-Sha Wu • Tian-Cai Yan • Xian-Yang Wang • Yang Cao • Xiao-Fan Liu • Yu-Fei Fu • Lin Wu • Yin-Chuan Jin • Hong Yin • Long-Biao Cui [SpringerLink]

MYRF: A Mysterious Membrane-bound Transcription Factor Involved in Myelin Development and Human Diseases
Hao Huang • Fang Zhou • Shiyou Zhou • Mengsheng Qiu [SpringerLink]

Compensation for Neurodegeneration by Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Alzheimer’s Disease: Where is the way?
Jie Zheng • Yawen Li [SpringerLink]

Conditional Genome Editing in the Mammalian Brain Using CRISPR-Cas9
Haojie Sun • Jie Zheng • Ming Yi • You Wan [SpringerLink]

Impaired ATP Release from Brain Astrocytes May be a Cause of Major Depression
Peter Illes • Patrizia Rubini • Haiyan Yin • Yong Tang [SpringerLink]

Emerging Molecular Targets for the Management of Cancer Pain
Hai-Yan Sheng • Yu-Qiu Zhang [SpringerLink]

Guidelines for Acute Ischemic Stroke Treatment
Shuwei Qiu • Yun Xu [SpringerLink]

An Overview of the Expert Consensus on the Prevention and Treatment of Gaming Disorder in China (2019 Edition)
Yu-Tao Xiang • Yu Jin • Ling Zhang • Lu Li • Gabor S. Ungvari • Chee H. Ng • Min Zhao • Wei Hao [SpringerLink]


The Risk and Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Infections Among Inpatients in Psychiatric Hospitals
Yuncheng Zhu • Liangliang Chen • Haifeng Ji • Maomao Xi • Yiru Fang • Yi Li [SpringerLink]

Expert Consensus on the Care and Management of Patients with Cognitive Impairment in China
Academy of Cognitive Disorders of China (ACDC) • Yuliang Han • Jianjun Jia • Xia Li • Yang Lv • Xuan Sun • Shanshan Wang • Yongjun Wang • Zhiwen Wang • Jintao Zhang • Jiong Zhou & Yuying Zhou [SpringerLink]

An Overview of the Expert Consensus on the Prevention and Treatment of Gaming Disorder in China (2019 Edition)
Yu-Tao Xiang • Yu Jin • Ling Zhang • Lu Li • Gabor S. Ungvari • Chee H. Ng • Min Zhao & Wei Hao [SpringerLink]

Perspective on Etiology and Treatment of Bipolar Disorders in China: Clinical Implications and Future Directions
Zuowei Wang • Chen Jun • Keming Gao • Haichen Yang • Yiru Fang [SpringerLink]

Standardized Operational Protocol for Human Brain Banking in China
Wenying Qiu • Hanlin Zhang • Aimin Bao • Keqing Zhu • Yue Huang • Xiaoxin Yan • Jing Zhang • Chunjiu Zhong • Yong Shen • Jiangning Zhou • Xiaoying Zheng • Liwei Zhang • Yousheng Shu • Beisha Tang • Zhenxin Zhang • Gang Wang • Ren Zhou • Bing Sun • Changlin Gong • Shumin Duan & Chao Ma [SpringerLink]

Impaired Hypothalamic Regulation of Sympathetic Outflow in Primary Hypertension
Jing-Jing Zhou • Hui-Jie Ma • Jian-Ying Shao • Hui-Lin Pan • De-Pei Li [SpringerLink]

The Risk and Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Infections Among Inpatients in Psychiatric Hospitals
Yuncheng Zhu 1 • Liangliang Chen 2 • Haifeng Ji 2 • Maomao Xi 3 • Yiru Fang 1,5,6 • Yi Li 4 [SpringerLink]

An Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Heterogeneity and Treatment Options OPEN ACCESS
Anne Masi1 • Marilena M. DeMayo1 • Nicholas Glozier1 • Adam J. Guastella1 [SpringerLink]

Pharmacological Modulation of Vagal Nerve Activity in Cardiovascular Diseases
Longzhu Liu • Ming Zhao • Xiaojiang Yu • Weijin Zang* [SpringerLink]

Gene Editing to the Rescue: Reversal of Social Deficits Associated with MECP2 Duplication
Zi-Xian Yu 1,2,3 • Dan-Yang Wang 1,2,3 • Xiao-Hong Xu 1,3 [SpringerLink]

Regulation of Pain and Itch by TRP Channels
Carlene Moore1 • Rupali Gupta1 • Sven-Eric Jordt2 • Yong Chen1,* • Wolfgang B. Liedtke1,2,* [SpringerLink]

Spinal Circuits Transmitting Mechanical Pain and Itch
Bo Duan1,* • Longzhen Cheng2,* • Qiufu Ma3,* [SpringerLink]


Special Issue on Pain and Itch
Guest Editor: Ru-Rong Ji
2022 Vol 38 Issue 4

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Special Issue: Purinergic Signaling in the Central Nervous System in Health and Disease
Guest Editor: Yong Tang, Peter Illes, and Guang-Yin Xu
2020 Vol 36 Issue 11

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Special Issue:Bipolar Disorders
Guest Editor:Yiru Fang
2019 Vol 35 Issue 4

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Special Issue: Neurotechniques
Guest Editor: Guo-Qiang Bi
2019 Vol 35 Issue 3

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Special Issue:Human Brain Bank: Construction and Research
Guest Editor: Chao Ma and Dick F. Swaab
2019 Vol 35 Issue 2

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