Volume 34, Issue 4, 2018


Exploring an effective method to elicit the arousal of patients suffering from disorders of consciousness (DOCs) is an ongoing challenge. Habits such as alcohol consumption and smoking can arouse intense behavioral responses in normal individuals. In this special issue on DOCs: From Bench to Bedside (organized by Prof. Tianzi Jiang), Li et al. investigated the effectiveness of habit stimulation in DOC patients. The cover image indicates that patients with disorders of consciousness gradually recover after many kinds of stimulation, such as alcohol, music, and money. A gradual change in the background from bottom to top and a clear demarcation line in the middle represents the process of recovery of consciousness. The deep blue below represents the patient's unawakened subconscious mind. The red above represents the patient's awakened consciousness and seedlings express hope for these patients. See pages 691-699. (Cover image provided by Jiamin Shen).