Faster Peer-Review Submission

The submission of Perspectives, Letters to the Editor, and Research Highlights to Neuroscience Bulletin is strongly encouraged. For these types of submission, the peer-review process can be completed within 2 weeks. The online publication date for accepted manuscripts of these types may also be accelerated accordingly, usually within 20 days.

Letter to the Editor
The Letter to the Editor reports a short but exciting finding in a particular area of neuroscience with high quality and of broad interest. The letter should be brief yet concise, and no specific subsections are required. No Materials and Methods section is needed, but any technical information that the authors think is important should be included as supplementary material. The total character count should not exceed 15,000 and the display items should be limited to 2. References are limited to 15. No abstract is needed.

Research Highlight
The Research Highlight describes an exciting advance based on a recently-published breakthrough. It focuses on the main results, emphasizes their significance, and provides further discussion or commentary on the topic. A Research Highlight is up to 10,000 characters in length with no more than 10 references and one or two figures. No abstract and subsections are needed.

For an Insight, the article should contain discussion of recent primary research literature similar to a Review. But an Insight is shorter (no more than 20,000 characters) and has a narrower scope. It is possible for authors advocate a position over a controversial issue or a speculative hypothesis. One or two schematic illustrations are allowed to make the Insight more comprehensive. References are limited to 20.