2025 Conference! "The Changing Brain" 

 The UC Irvine Center for Neural Circuit Mapping (CNCM) is continuing its Neural Circuit conference series.  The 2025 summer conference titled “The Changing Brain” (August 18-21, 2025) will be held in Irvine, California. Its scientific organization is led by Dr. Liqun Luo at Stanford University, and it will be jointly sponsored by the UCI, Cajal Club, and Allen Institute for Brain Science.  The in-person conference has the following themes: 1) the evolving brain; 2) the developing brain; 3) the learning brain; 4) the dynamic brain; 5) states of the brain; 6) the disordered brain.  This will be our biggest conference yet with an increased focus on international reach.  We welcome members of Chinese Neuroscience  Society to our conference.  For more information, please visit https://cncm.som.uci.edu/2025-cncm-conference/ and contact Dr. Xiangmin Xu at xiangmin.xu@uci.edu.