Research Highlights

Demystifying Mechanosensitive Piezo Ion Channels
X. Z. Shawn Xu[SpringerLink]

Altered topological properties in the heritable schizophrenic brain
Mingli Li, Tao Li[SpringerLink]

Learning to memorize: shedding new light on prefrontal functions
Ning-long Xu[SpringerLink]

Connexin 30 controls the extension of astrocytic processes into the synaptic cleft through an unconventional non-channel function
Jerome Clasadonte, Philip G. Haydon[SpringerLink]

The medial preoptic area and the regulation of parental behavior
Kumi O. Kuroda, Michael Numan[SpringerLink]

TALEN-mediated gene mutations in monkeys
Yinghui Zheng, Xiao-Jiang Li[SpringerLink]

Influence of 5-HTTLPR genotypes on structural and functional connectivity within amygdala–prefrontal cortex circuitry
Ke Xu, Fei Wang[SpringerLink]

Antipsychotic drug research and resting-state brain activity in normal adults
Yuan-Ye Ma[SpringerLink]

Significant implications of Bcl-2 in the formation of striatonigral projection neurons in the ischemic striatum
Dong-Ya Zhu[SpringerLink]