Research Highlights

Getting Lost: Place Cells and Grid Cells in Rodent Models of Alzheimer’s Disease
Xiaoyang Long • Yuan Tao • Xi-Chan Chen • Bin Deng • Jing Cai • Sheng-Jia Zhang[SpringerLink]

A Bridge between the Innate Immunity System and Amyloid-β Production in Alzheimer’s Disease
Xiying Wang[SpringerLink]

New Insight into the Origins of Itch and Pain: How Are Itch and Pain Signals Coded and Discriminated by Primary Sensory Neurons?
Yue Hu • Wen-Qi Shan • Bin Wu • Tong Liu[SpringerLink]

ESCAPE-NA1 Trial Brings Hope of Neuroprotective Drugs for Acute Ischemic Stroke – Highlights of the Phase 3 Clinical Trial on Nerinetide
Xin-Fu Zhou[SpringerLink]

Microglial Calcium: An Exquisite Sensor for Neuronal Activity
Jiyun Peng • Bing-Xing Pan[SpringerLink]

Recanalization Treatment for Acute Stroke: Can We Skip the Bridge?
Wen-Xiao Yu • Shu-Han Huang • Yan-Jiang Wang • Meng Zhang[SpringerLink]

In the THALES Trial, Past, Present, and Future Meet
Zi-Xiao Li • Xue-Wei Xie • Ying Xian[SpringerLink]

A Brain-Spleen Axis Regulates Humoral Immunity
Bin Zhang • Jinjie Zhong • Zhihua Gao[SpringerLink]

Targeting PTB as a One-Step Procedure for In Situ Astrocyte-to-Dopamine Neuron Reprogramming in Parkinson’s Disease
Yuanyuan Jiang • Yongjie Wang • Zhihui Huang[SpringerLink]

Tau Modulates Neurovascular Coupling
Fei Tang • Qing Wang • Jun Guo • Peng Lei[SpringerLink]

Functional Striatal Abnormalities: A Distinct Brain Signature of Schizophrenia
Sugai Liang • Tao Li[SpringerLink]

Apolipoprotein E Drives Early Blood–Brain Barrier Damage in Alzheimer’s Disease
Qianqian Zhang • Chunming Xie[SpringerLink]