Research Highlights

The Visual Pathway for Binocular Integration
Na Li • Yu Gu [SpringerLink]

TASK-3: New Target for Pain-Relief
Wen-Jing Ren • Henning Ulrich• Alexey Semyanov • Peter Illes • Yong Tang[SpringerLink]

A Lower-Brainstem Structure Coordinates Acquisition of Negative Experience
Lei Li[SpringerLink]

Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Reveals Cell-Type-Specific Mechanisms of Neurological Diseases
Zhen-Ge Luo • Jian Peng • Ting Li[SpringerLink]

Norepinephrine from the Locus Coeruleus Regulates Microglia Dynamics During Wakefulness
Yaling Hu • Peng Shi • Zhihua Gao[SpringerLink]

Meningeal Lymphatic Vessels: A Drain of the Brain Involved in Neurodegeneration?
Yuan Cheng• Yan-Jiang Wang [SpringerLink]

Glial-neuronal Sensory Organs: Evolutionary Journey from Caenorhabditis elegans to Mammals
Yong Tang• Peter Illes • Alexei Verkhratsky [SpringerLink]

Sleep Disturbance: An Early Sign of Alzheimer’s Disease
Chao He• Zhian Hu• Chenggang Jiang[SpringerLink]

Early Intervention in Alzheimer’s Disease: How Early is Early Enough?
Dong-Yu Fan • Yan-Jiang Wang[SpringerLink]

More than Scratching the Surface: Recent Progress in Brain Mechanisms Underlying Itch and Scratch
Xu Liu • Xiu-Hua Miao• Tong Liu[SpringerLink]

Plasma Replacement Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease
Xu-long Ding • Peng Lei [SpringerLink]

Is Alzheimer’s Disease Transmissible in Humans?
Xian-Le Bu• Wei-Wei Li • Yan-Jiang Wang[SpringerLink]