Online First

Chimeric Monkey Born Alive with a High Contribution of Donor Cells
Jia Huang1 · Jun Wu1,2,3[SpringerLink]

SMART (Splitting-Merging Assisted Reliable) Independent Component Analysis for Extracting Accurate Brain Functional Networks
Xingyu He1 · Vince D. Calhoun2 · Yuhui Du1,2[SpringerLink]

Positron Emission Tomography Imaging of Synaptic Dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease
Jiaqi Niu1,2,3 · Yan Zhong1,2,3 · Chentao Jin1,2,3 · Peili Cen1,2,3 · Jing Wang1,2,3 · Chunyi Cui1,2,3 · Le Xue1,2,3 · Xingyue Cui1,2,3 · Mei Tian1,2,3,6 · Hong Zhang1,2,3,4,5[SpringerLink]

Emerging Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Based Human–Animal Brain Chimeras for Advancing Disease Modeling and Cell Therapy for Neurological Disorders
Yanru Ji1 · Jenna Lillie McLean1 · Ranjie Xu1[SpringerLink]

Dopaminergic Remodeling During a Critical Developmental Window: Linking Drug Use to Adult Aggression
Dadao An1 · Lingyan Zheng1 · Zhengyi Xu1 · Yanrong Zheng1 · Zhong Chen1[SpringerLink]

Face-Specific Activity in the Ventral Stream Visual Cortex Linked to Conscious Face Perception
Wenlu Li1,2 · Dan Cao1 · Jin Li3 · Tianzi Jiang1,2,4,5[SpringerLink]

mTORC2: The “Ace in the Hole” for a Broader Control of Epileptic Seizures?
Shuo Zhang1 · Xiongfeng Guo2 · Wei Huang1 · Cenglin Xu1,2[SpringerLink]

Interactions Between Extracellular Vesicles and Autophagy in Neuroimmune Disorders
Xiwen Ai1 · Haojun Yu1 · Yu Cai2 · Yangtai Guan1[SpringerLink]

LH-Nts Neurons Regulate VTA Calcium Dynamics Via Releasing GABA and Nts
Danni Chen1,2 · Yinfeng Yuan1,2 · Zhihui Huang1,2 · Yongjie Wang1,2[SpringerLink]

Neural Circuitry Involving Substance P in Male Sexual Behavior
Xinrong Wang1,2 · Junqiang Zheng1,5 · Han Xu1,2,3,4,5[SpringerLink]

Nanoscale Reorganization of Glutamate Receptors Underlies Synaptic Plasticity and Pathology
Jia‑Hui Chen1,2 · Ai‑Hui Tang1,2[SpringerLink]

Tetherless Optical Neuromodulation: Wavelength from Orange-red to Mid-infrared
Chao Sun1,2 · Qi Fan1,2 · Rougang Xie3 · Ceng Luo3 · Bingliang Hu2 · Quan Wang1,2[SpringerLink]